Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance, 2016
Certified Intuitive Soul Reader, Soul Realignment, 2016

My Journey

I didn’t find yoga and soul reading.  It found me.

Yoga discovered me at a rather dark point in my life. I was living a lifestyle that was not optimal, until, yoga discovered me.  Not only did yoga discover me, it accepted me, and ultimately bettered me.  Yoga became a healthy way to rediscover myself.  It brought me accountability, peace of mind, strength, confidence and a new sense of inner peace.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis, I can remember loving the way I felt.  But it was this world that opened up to me off the mat that hooked me for life and drew me deeper towards this desire to give to others what yoga has given to me.  I wanted to pay it forward.

In 2015, I began my training in Ashtanga Yoga.  Today, I teach because I hope to inspire others with my passion while continually being inspired by those around me.  I want to share the deep connection I have made with my soul and teach others how to do the same.  Your soul is the key to a happier, healthier you.



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