Soul Readings

I discovered soul readings in early 2016.  I had my soul “aligned” and it changed my life.

When I read a client’s soul, I study who they are at their very core.  I highlight and help the client understand his or her divine gifts.  We all have them but few of us can identify or know what to do with these gifts that are deep in our most inner being.  Together we break through the one of more areas of your soul that may have blockage. At the end of a soul reading the client can have a clearer sense of purpose in life and feel inspired to fulfill his or her dreams.

how it works

A soul reading is usually done over the phone.  The client provides a few basic sources of information so that I can access the soul.  I do background and research on the information uncovered in a reading.  I then present that information to the client and advise how they can use it in their life to clear away present and past life restrictions so he or she can live freely.

We offer individual, couples, and group soul reading parties. We also offer property clearings. For pricing, please connect with me down below.

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