The idea of a soul reading sounds a little out there, right?  It might stir up emotions and raise questions.  I realize that.  When you hear me mention soul reading you may ask, What really is a soul reading and What are a person’s divine gifts? I was once where you sit (lotus style, of course in my San Antonio yoga studio) pondering the same thing. Before I had my reading done, I was both intrigued and perplexed by the concept of having my soul read, my “soul record” cleared, and learning of the divine gift I might possess.

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The first thing I had to wrap my head around was this idea that when we talk about the soul, we are talking about a fifth dimension reality. Take a second to really think about that.  The physical body is the third dimension.  The ego is the fourth dimension, and, the soul is the fifth dimension.  When we talk about the soul, the idea of time and space cease to exist.  In today’s world of instant everything, that concept is not one that’s easy to grasp.  It’s hard to imagine that everything you have felt, thought, and experienced is in the universe.

As a 5th grade teacher whose recently taught a lesson on energy, I myself had this huge Ah-ha moment, just the other day when it comes to energy and its connection to soul reading!  It happened as my students and I talked about all this energy around us.  We talked about the well-known fact that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.  We discussed how energy can only be changed.  Let me write that again.  Energy can only be changed.

In talking about energy and keeping this fact the energy can only be changed in mind, I quietly realized that my soul record (the things I have felt, thought and experienced) are all bits of energy out there in this huge universe of which we all exist.   A soul reading gives one the opportunity to change energy.  A soul reading accesses a person’s soul record.  It reaches into and looks at all the things you have felt, thought, and experienced.  Together, we (mostly you) change it.  If you want.   You have the power to change your soul record from negative to positive. You have the ability to change your soul record from debilitating to empowering.

Now to divine gifts, which are very much inherent upon one’s soul record.

There are eight divine gifts:

  • Divine Compassion
  • Divine Creation
  • Divine Order
  • Divine Love
  • Divine Self Expression
  • Divine Truth
  • Divine Power
  • Divine Wisdom

It is fun to wonder which of these gifts you might possess.The good news is, we all have each of these divine gifts. A little bit, at least. Each of us has a primary, or main divine gift from those listed above.  Some of us have a strong additional gift.  It is this additional gift, should it show itself, that we will often talk about it in a reading as a secondary gift.

The gift revealed in a soul reading (your divine gift) has been your primary divine gift from the very beginning of time.  It will be yours.  Forever.

To know and understand that makes the divine gift very special.

I, myself, finally learned my divine gift less than a year ago.

I bet you’re wondering what it is?

I was too.

My divine gift is – divine truth.

When I discovered my divine gift is divine truth, the understanding of such a gift resonated so deeply with me. It reminded me of who I really am and it reminded me of my purpose.  More so, discovering my divine truth showed me that I perhaps was not living my life for its purpose.

What I found interesting was that I actually suspected my divine gift to be truth.  Learning of my divine gift reminded me of a time, many years earlier, on a plane, discussing, oddly enough, my purpose in life with a complete stranger.  (Have you ever noticed how easy it can be sometimes to pour your heart, or in my case, the soul, out to a complete stranger?!) During this short discussion, I had revealed this longing for truth and helping others find it.  I was only in my early twenties, by the way, and at a fairly uncertain time in my life.  Though I had this inkling of my divine gift at the time, I certainly didn’t see it.  I didn’t recognize it.  And I most certainly didn’t follow it.

In reality, in what would be many years to come, I would go about my life doing everything that pretty-much contradicted my suspected yet unconfirmed divine gift.  For many years, I would work against my divine gift rather than in harmony with it.

I am not bitter about that now.  Perhaps I am slightly regretful I had not learned of my divine gift at a much younger age.  What’s interesting, however, is that throughout my life, especially during darker times, I had often wondered why things were as they were in my life.

Having my soul read and learning of my divine gifts opened my eyes to how I had been working against my divine gift of truth for a long time.  Things in my life that never quite made sense began to present themselves with certainty.

To know that we all have  divine gifts, I hope, excites you.  I believe that we are here on earth to live our truth and find and heal our souls, if we so choose.  There is this part to a soul reading and the learning of a divine gift that you have to want. You have to want the peace more than the drama. You have to want the truth more than the lies. Soul reading and discovery is about finding your truth and living it. It is about clearing away whatever might be blocking you from being the person you were created to be.

Today, having explored my soul, I feel blessed to have found my purpose.   I feel even more blessed and full of purpose to be able to share it with you.

Peace & Love,


Want to know more about Soul Readings?  They’re usually done over the phone!  I do have clients, however, who prefer a soul reading in person.  I begin by gathering a few pieces of information from the client, including his or her intention (what he/she hopes to get out of the reading) for the reading. I then spend some time researching your record in preparation for your reading.  In a reading we often touch upon divine gifts, spirit guides, and anything that is blocking your purpose.   We also often touch upon past lives and how they might show up on your soul reading.  We like to clear any present and past life blockages or restrictions. To learn more, or, to schedule a reading, please contact me at 210-771-8930.  

Thanks! ~ Sybil , SOUL Founder

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