Truth: Ive always been that kind of person who has needed to run a question, idea, or decision by more than one person.  Certainly an opinion other than my own.  Another set of eyes, so to speak, to glance over the perhaps unforeseen. Wait, is that bad? (insert sarcastic laugh) To be fully transparent, I often like, no need, the input of others.  And were talking both big life decisions as well as little day-to-day ones.

I was that young adult in the clothing shop with her girlfriends who labored over whether to go with the blue or aqua bag.

Which bag do you like,asked my girlfriends.

Im not sure. Which do you like?

You know how it goes.

Not that I cannot make a decision alone.  I can, overtime.  However, the decision-making process for me has always been one that is much labored over.  It has never been easy.

But then, few things in life ever are.

Take some news I was given just two weeks ago.  It came in the form of a one-two punch.  First, a devastating blow: Someone I love deeply was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As I was left gasping for air, I was informed the school for whom I have been a teacher with for six years saw a dip in numbers and my contract would not renewed. I would not be teaching this coming fall.  I felt like the rug got ripped out from under me. Strangely enough, however, through the pain, disappointment, and uncertainly, I was also filled with this really cool peace. Truth is, I had wanted to be home with my kids more for some time now.

I feel like the universe did for me what I could not do for myself, and, I became aware of the sparking silver linings around me.  A decision – a huge one – was suddenly in play.

So, together with my husband (because remember Im still not so great at making decisions alone), I decided that I would not, in fact, return to my years long (classroom) teaching career, and instead take a leap of faith and create, run, and practice SOUL Readings and Yoga. Like a little girl who tip-toes to the edge of a diving board peering into the vast open waters below her, I was about to dive into something unchartered … yet familiar.  After all, I had been practicing yoga since I was in my mid-twenties.  I feel hook line and sinker for it then, so, as time passed I trained to become a yogi.  For the last few years I have been teaching small groups and private sessions outside of my full-time teaching job.  From the classroom to the yoga mat I went on most days.  But to center myself on my beloved yoga mat full time is something that ignites my mind, heart, and most importantly, soul.

The premise behind SOUL is this idea that we each have an opportunity to know ourselves on a much deeper level than we think.  Our souls are vast and complex.  My first ever soul-reading taught me this.  It put me in touch with all the slight ideas of who I thought I was but had never explored fully.  One reading gave me the insight I needed about my past, present, and future to pursue my dream of not only practicing yoga but teaching its value to others.

SOUL and all that readings and yoga can offer have also helped me through this most recent challenging time in my life.  The sense of peace it can bring, even when the world is telling you that you should be feeling anything but peace, is nothing short of incredible.  You realize that the universe is so much larger than we are.  There are constantly things in motion that determine what we cannot determine ourselves.  To live aware of these elements is powerful.  To journey among them is a treat.

And once the storm is over you wont remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive.  You wont even be sure whether the storm is really over.  But one thing is certain.  When you come out of the storm, you wont be the same person who walked in. Thats what this storms all about~ Haruki Murakami

Welcome to Soulsa Girl, a blog which I hope will be instrumental in growing your passion for yoga and learning more about the power of the soul.  I will be sharing excerpts of my personal journey as well as yoga and nutritional tips, information, recipes, and more that I have fallen in love with along the way.  Thank you for allowing me to walk with you, talk with you, and share with you, as together, we do life with a little Soulsa (Girl) on the side.

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Finally, here are a few fun things you might be surprised to learn about me!


  1. My favorite song of all time is Dreams by Gabrielle
  2. My pet peeve is when people are not honest or kind
  3. I love the beach and used to live near Venice Beach!
  4. I hated my curly hair from the time I was about 16 until just last year!  Now I love it.
  5. One of my biggest fears is getting stuck in a crowded elevator!


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